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George Tsaftarides - A Storied History of Excellence

One step into "George's Menswear & Tailoring" and you’ll experience George Tsaftarides; a man who is as bold as his suits and exudes passion for making you look your very best.

George's passion for tailoring started as a boy, over 50 years ago in Kastoria, Greece. On a whim, George applied to work alongside a beautiful lady at his local tailoring shop.. While he didn't fall in love with the beautiful lady, he did fall in love with that perfect fit.

At the age of 19 George had a budding career in the tailoring business in Kastoria, but he longed to join his family in America.

In 1955, George finally moved to Canton, Ohio to reunite with his father and family that had moved 5 years prior. At the age of 23, he opened his first tailoring shop, which became an incredible success. People from all around came to see his clothing, and to achieve a perfect fit. George built a large following due to his charismatic demeanor and craftmanship.

After running a successful business in Canton for 8 years, George suddenly and mysteriously found himself becoming ill when he was near clothing. As a result, he was no longer able to perform the tailoring work he so loved. Devastated, he moved to Florida in 1974, where he worked construction in the intense heat for 6 years. One fateful day, he found himself completing work for a local doctor. When the doctor arrived in a suit, George couldn’t help but to suggest alterations to improve the fit. The doctor was quite impressed. When he heard of George’s unfortunate illness, he offered him an exam, and diagnosed him with a very severe, but treatable allergy. George was then able to return to his beloved profession!

George wasted no time opening a new shop in Stuart, Florida in 1980. In 1991, he was able to open a second shop in Melbourne, Florida. George operated those stores for another ten years before selling them and returning to Ohio to care for his ailing parents.

In 2001, George and his wife Jill opened "George's Menswear & Tailoring" at the Belden Village Tower in Canton, Ohio. The store focuses on providing exceptional suits, men's clothing, and ladies wear to customers of all ages, with over 50 years of experience.

At the current location, George has served the Akron-Canton community for over 19 years.

No matter what style or fit you are looking for, he is sure to make you look your personal best! Come see George and get fitted for the best suit, dress, or clothing you've ever had!

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  • By Alan L. Johnson

    George's Menswear & Tailoring is a Canton classic! George is funny, charismatic, and has great taste. I would highly recommend buying Suits from George. He always ensures the right feel and fit!